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30  Applications of Kompogas Process

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The residual wastes exiting mechanical recovery are rich in organics, which can be digested into a high‐energy gas. The resulting biogas is well‐suited to fuel combined heating and power units as well as automobiles, and for being fed into natural gas supply.

Küttner provides turnkey plants covering the entire field from the withdrawal of wastes to the production of power and heat. We also build horizontal digesters employing the Axpo-Kompogas process, with equipment for the charging and decharging of digestates plus alternative options for biogas recycling.

No matter whether you deal with domestic, bio, industrial wastes or sewage sludges ‐ our Biowaste Recovery Team knows well‐proven possibilities and procedures!

Contact us, so that we can answer your questions by the vivid examples of operating plants.


  • Fermentation Plant
  • Composting Plants
  • Combined Heating and Power (CHP) Units
  • Biogas upgrading
  • Integrated AD / Thermal Solutions


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