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Central Facility for the Vitrification of Sewage Sludge:
RGS90, Denmark

Peripheral Facility for the Firing of Sewage Sludges in Fluidised Beds:
InfraServ,  Germany

… Source for Energy

Residuals and wastes often exhibit pretty high calorific values. It pays to make use of this energy for both, municipalities and companies.

The energy chemically bound in these wastes is first released by combustion, then dissolved from the exhaust gas and finally fed into recovery boilers. Here, it is transferred to thermal unit heat carriers so that it can be used for power generation, e.g., in a steam power plant.

Just one out of many examples: Küttner implemented turnkey fluid‐bed plants on this basis. They all distinguish by utilization of waste heat allowing the thermally efficient use of both household as well as industrial sewage sludge.

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  • Combustion Chambers
  • Rotary Kiln Furnaces
  • Combustion in Fluidised Beds
  • Gasification


Thermal Utilisation