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Off-Gas Cleaning:
RGS90, Denmark

Activated Coke Filtering Plants:
MHD/MIM, Germany

Sinter plant behind electrostatic preticipator (500,000 Nm3/h)
ThyssenKrupp Steel, Duisburg

Gas Treatment (Dry & Wet)  downstream Cupolas and Shaft Furnaces

Clean Off‐Gases for a Neat Environment

Industrial off‐gases may contain substances which should be prevented from escaping into environment. This affects, e.g., thermal waste treatment in primary industry as well as chemical industry.

Küttner has already tackled problems like these and worked out several process variants for off‐gas cleaning. Thus, it is easy to comply with legal requirements – for many of your processes.

You want customized solutions? Contact our Off‐Gas Cleaning Team, they´ll be happy to work it out for you!


  • Spray Coolers
  • Washers (Acid, NaOH, Gipsum)
  • SNCR - Selective Non-Catalytic Reduction Systems
  • Fixed-Bed Reactors


Dedusting Systems for Blast Furnaces and Steelworks