One-Stop Full Service – Küttner´s All-Embracing Philosophy

The construction and supply of plants and line components is one of our core competencies.

Our plant manufacturers allow for economically reasonable design&layouts displaying proper access for maintenance. Many of you surely have come to know that this is no minor pattern at all – especially, in equipment configuration!

We are free in choosing our suppliers, however, we like to fall back on well-proven partners. Cooperation agreements with our most important partners enable us to sustainably serve our customers. Anyway, we never accept compromise in meeting our quality standards.

We further ensure adherence to schedule during the entire project, conduct test runs to monitor plant performance and allow for smooth and just-in-time shipment.

You can count on that!

Service Offer

  • Plant Layout
  • Equipment Specification
  • Tender for and Order of Production Components
  • Expediting, Monitoring Costs and Quality
  • Packaging and Shipment