Küttner Group – Together We´re Strong

Human Resources Development
Our technologically top-qualified, soft-skilled experts and managers match both the outstanding demands we use to put on ourselves as well as those the global world puts on us. This is why Küttner invests in human resources. Our employees are provided the possibility of advancing within their teams. Programs like these also prove well in communication and knowledge exchange between our teams.

Bachelor-/Master- & Diploma Theses
We like to supervise students reading mechanical engineeering, electrical engineering, metallurgy etc. in doing their Bachelor-, Master- and  Diploma theses. Accordingly, we offer interesting topics of investigation. Call us to choose your subject of interest and let´s individually define the resp. time period.


Still going to school you happen to get into commercial and trading issues? You are currently reading technology? Anyway, you want to learn more about daily work routine? Well, why not joining  Küttner for internship?