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Reagent Preparation

Most of the metallurgical processes require certain reagents or compositions. In case of deep injection technologies, these reagents have to be available as fine powders and fluidizable. Küttner supplies the required plant equipment to provide the right reagents in the correct form:

Grinding and Mixing Plants
In metallurgical processes where lime is pneumatically injected into the melt, a fine powder is required. Additives are mixed with the finely grinded lime for different reasons, e.g. reduction of hot metal losses, etc. Final products are utilized directly in nearby ladle treatment stations or filled into silo trucks or big bags. Küttner supplies complete grinding and mixing plants, scaled from 5 t/h up to 20 t/h production capacity.

Fluidized Lime Production
The finer the powder the more the cohesive forces cause pneumatic conveying and injecting problems. Therefore the lime has to be treated with special flow aids to overcome the cohesive forces so that it can be easily fluidized and thus injected in stable and efficient way.

Premix Production for Metallurgical Injection
The production of a premix for injection processes like a mixture of CaO+Mg for desulphurization or CaO+FeO for dephosphorization batch-wise and close to the injection dispensers, is a new and cost-saving alternative to traditional co-injection stations as a premix just requires a simple mono-injection station.

Reagent Transport and Storage Solutions
Together with partners, Küttner offers some new and innovative solutions for reagent transport and storage at site. As flexible global purchasing of reagents becomes more and more a key cost figure, transportation of reagents in silo trucks become a limitation very fast. Küttner suggest to use standard ISO containers for transportation and storage of the powdry reagents.