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Steel Refining

In the area of secondary metallurgy, Küttner provides ladle treatment stations for the following metallurgical tasks:

Deoxidation (De-Ox)
A proper deoxidation of the steel is essential for efficient and deep desulphurization. Aluminum and/or silicon are typically used for this metallurgical task.

Desulphurization (De-S)
Lime (CaO), calcium carbide (CaC2), and calcium silicide (CaSi) are injected as a gas/solid mixture in dense phase mode deep into the steel. The sulphur is captured in a generated slag, which can be mechanically skimmed off from the bath surface.

Ladle stirring
Ladle stirring is provided to improve reaction kinetics, especially between metal and slag. Efficient stirring is provided by means of stirring plugs in the bottom of the ladle or by means of an immersed stirring lance.

Deslagging (De-Slag)
Even steel ladles have to be deslagged in some cases, e.g. to exchange a “used” slag by a fresh one. This is done by mechanical skimming of the process slag from the bath surface.