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Horizontal Single Mold-Centrifugal Casting Machines

- from simple to complex


The single mold centrifugal casting machines are characterized by their great flexibility and variability. This centrifugal casting machine type enables the production of a wide variety of centrifugal castings. In addition to a vast range of centrifugal castings made in gray cast iron, with these machine types are also cast stainless steel pipes for aerospace and petrochemical industry, copper alloy pipes, or also compound casting pipes.

In this centrifugal casting machine type, the casting molds are driven via a friction drive. This allows a large variance for different casting mold. Centrifugal castings from 800 - 8,000 mm length and diameter of 50-2,000mm are possible.

A wide range of options and accessories transforms a basic centrifugal casting machine in a highly automated casting machine, which enables a more reliable, reproducible centrifugal casting process.

In the high end version, the machine is capable to cast up to 20 castings per hour of consistent quality, due to automated process steps like:

  • automatic end plate handling and treatment
  • automatic mold brushing
  • automatic mold coating / spraying
  • automatic pouring
  • automatic cooling control and adjustment
  • automatic extraction