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Horizontal Shaft-Centrifugal Casting Machines 


The shaft centrifugal casting machines are particularly suitable for centrifugal casting parts with a large diameter / length ratio. In addition to a vast range of centrifugal castings made in gray cast iron, with these machine types are also produced copper alloy castings, like brass bearing cages or bronze slide bearings.

In this centrifugal casting machine type the casting mold shaft is firmly connected with the casting machine. Centrifugal casting parts with diameters up to 2,000mm can be cast.

This type of centrifugal casting machine is especially suitable for small batch production, individual batches or prototypes.

Another application would be the centrifugal sand casting, also known in literature as semi centrifugal casting. In this process, sand core packages are placed into a carrier mold. The advantages of two casting processes are thereby combined. The simple shaping capabilities of sand casting process combined with good cavity filling and feeding of the centrifugal casting process.