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Multi Station Centrifugal Casting Machines

Large Volume Production for Centrifugal Castings


Multi station centrifugal casting plants are designed for mass production. The centrifugal casting plants work according to the hot-mold process. Several casting molds are in operation and moved cyclically through the machine. All process steps are performed simultaneously, like casting mold cover treatment, dosing and pouring, centrifugal casting extraction, casting mold cleaning, spray die coating, etc.

This type of centrifugal casting plant is used if a constant quality, highest reproducibility and large scale production is demanded. As example, the gray cast iron cylinder liner production should be mentioned. Küttner multi station centrifugal casting plants are casting semi-finished tubes in 1,000 - 2,000mm length. The casting capacity reaches up to 90 pieces per hour semi-finished tubes, which corresponds to about 1,000 cylinder liners per hour.

Another example is the production of cast iron soil pipes according to DIN EN 877. The multi station centrifugal casting plant operated by Düker reaches a capacity of up to 280 pieces per hour of gray iron soil pipes (NW100, DIN EN 877) with 3000mm length. A precise cast iron dosage ensures maximum material efficiency.