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Hot metal pre-treatment in integrated steel works

Küttner offers solutions for the following (pre-)treatment tasks in integrated steel plants which are typically done in ladles by metallurgical injection of diffferent reagents:

Desulphurization (De-S)
Lime (CaO), magnesium (Mg), calcium carbide (CaC2), soda (Na2CO3) or mixtures thereof are injected as a gas/solid mixture in dense phase mode deep into the hot metal. The sulphur is captured in a generated slag, which is mechanically skimmed off from the bath surface.

Desiliconization (De-Si)
Desiliconization is an essential preconditional step before efficient dephosphorization can take place. It is applied either at the blast furnace by feeding an iron oxide containing additive into the hot metal runner with or without oxygen lancing or downstream in a ladle. In the later case, a mixture of iron and lime oxide is injected into the ladle in order to oxidize the dissolved silicon into the slag. Additional soft blowing of oxygen can be used to support the process. Before proceeding with the next process step, the slag is mechanically skimmed off from the bath surface.

Dephosphorization (De-P)
Removal of phosphorous from the hot metal is applied to relieve the downstream BOF operationsby injecting a mixture of lime and iron oxide into the metal which binds the generated phosphorous oxide in the slag. Again the slag is mechanically skimmed off from the bath surface.

Deslagging (De-Slag)
A proper mechanical skimming of the process slag from the bath surface is essential for the success of the process step as the slag contains the elements to be removed from the hot metal.