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Küttner Coking Technology: Premium Coke on the Spot Just in Time

Küttner Group provides you with everything required in a coking plant for transporting coal/coke, washing & grading as well as operating coke ovens.

Large coking plants have to be thoroughly supplied with coal.  We offer numerous configurations to ensure this, also covering coal grinding plants and charging devices for coal towers. Many such layouts were planned and put into practice by Küttner. Our affiliated company HuDe GmbH, especially focuses the efficient and envirofriendly operation of coke‐oven plants. State‐of‐the‐art pusher rams, coking coal larries, coke transfer devices and quenching cars facilitate operation simultaneously stabilizing the entire process.

Downstream the wharf or quenching tower, the green coke is screened into fractions ensuring trouble‐free blast‐furnace operation. To do so, Küttner offers a special feature which proves pretty favorable: Placed outside the blast furnace, coke crushing happens to take place in a crushing tower upstream the screening devices. Here, the coke is supposed to break at controlled edges, the fines are screened out, thus being prevented from entering the blast furnace at all.

Küttner supplies you with the complete screening unit incl. crushing tower, transfer devices, sampling equipment, as well as dedusting installations for any aggregate.

Two expert teams are at your disposal; try to challenge them by submitting your vision!

Coke-Oven Operating Machinery

  • Pusher Rams
  • Coking Coal Larries
  • Gas Transfer Devices
  • Coke Transfer Devices
  • Covered Cars
  • Coke Guides
  • Coke Quenching Cars & Locomotives
  • Coke-Battery Service Carts
  • Dedusting Devices


Coking Plant Automation

  • Standpipe Automation
  • Positioning Systems
  • Battery Charging (Level Control)
  • Monitoring of Coke Ramming Machines
  • Process Automation


Küttner-Hude - Coke Making in Harmony with the Environment

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