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Metallurgical Plants all over the World

Handling & Preparation of Metallurgical Raw Materials ‐ Basic Technology from the very beginning on

Küttner is fairly well grounded in know how regarding numerous material and handling properties of raw and charge materials like coal, coke, sinter ore and scrap. This is the result of long lasting special experience gained in metallurgical raw materials handling and preparation – one of our main focuses.
Trust our experts who know how to find the most appropriate equipment meeting your individual demand. They choose from many designs and layouts – solutions which they put into operation all over the world..This applies also for related automation and process controls to which we offer customized in‐house developments.

Trust our experts when they choose the right equipment for your task.

Ask the Küttner Team how to keep your shop operating almost trouble‐free during modernization, or how to make accessible additional cost benefits for you process and machinery.

Directory of Services & Techniques

  • Coal
    Grinding & Drying
  • Coke
    Cooling, Stabilising & Screening
  • Iron Ore
    Crushing & Screening
  • Sinter
    Screening & Cooling
  • Blast-Furnace Burden
    Bunkering, Screening & Metering
  • Desulphurisation Agents
    Mixing & Injecting
  • Alloying Elements
    Metering & Supplying
  • Dusts & Sludges


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Processing Technology for Raw Materials in the Metallurgical Industry