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OXYCUP®: Hot metal production following the zero‐waste-principle

Can you afford giving away wastes? Your production lines bring about several byproducts which are of far more value than just wastes. Why not make profitable use of them? You will earn both financial and environmental profits!

One way to meat challenges put on the metallurgical industry by raw material shortages, increasing prices, and environmental stewardship can be by recycling ferriferous fractions of formerly so called special wastes. To succeed in doing so, Küttner offers the adequate process and equipment: OXYCUP®.

Fine‐grained ferrous materials, such as dusts, powders, sludges, mill scales, sponge iron and ore fines are converted to high‐temperature‐resistant self‐reducing agglomerates. The OXYCUP® shaft furnace proves most appropriate for melting down these so‐called C‐bricks together with scrap and skulls. Yielding a high‐quality hot metal adequate to that leaving the blast furnace, OXYCUP® shaft furnace distinguishes by high flexibility, no matter whether charge materials or start and shut‐off are concerned.

This zero‐waste-principle will win every comparison in terms of economic efficiency. Make sure to contact our team Shaft FurnaceTechnology. They know many details which they are willing to share with you, e.g., how to regain Cr and Ni from the wastes of stainless production.

Directory of Services & Techniques

  • Production of Self-Reducing Bricks
  • Materials Recycling in the OXYCUP® Shaft Furnace to Hot Metal of Blast-Furnace Quality
  • Conversion of the Surplus Gases to Electrical Power in the Power House of the Iron & Steel Works
  • Generation of Slag Products
  • Production of highly Zn-enriched  Dusts/Sludges for Zinc Industry


Shaft Furnace Technology for Scrap and Waste Routes