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Why only Reducing the Ore? Reduce your Consumption Figures, too!

The injection of pulverized coal is the most common method to reduce coke consumption and increase the rentability of your iron production in the blast furnace.

Küttner as technological and market leader is offering all‐in‐one solutions spanning from raw coal mixture to injection devices. Our experts add many decades of experience to consistently advance our technology. Why not benefit from it in increasing injection rate while simultaneously reducing your consumption of coke, media and energy?

Be sure to make use of our latest developments:

  • Combined injection of Oxygen with the OXYCOAL+® system,
  • Coal pre‐heating and
  • Transport of highly above‐average amounts of coal with same amounts of carrier gas.

By the way: It is possible to apply this technology to optimize the process in other areas, such as, coal gasification, power plant technology and further metallurgical plants.

It pays to get the whole package from one source ‐ our team is courious to disclose further options for optimizing existing plants, lines, and components. Contact us!


Directory of Services & Techniques

  • Conveying Systems for Green Coal
  • Grinding and Drying  Equipment
  • High-Pressure Suction Systems with Inert Gas
  • OXYCOAL+®  Systems and Probes
  • Measuring and Control Technology for Coal Transport


Coal Preparation and Injection for Blast Furnaces