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Recoolers BF8: ThyssenKrupp Steel, Germany
Mass Heat Accumulators: BOF Shop: EKO Stahl, Germany
Dedusting of Casting Bays: voestalpine, Austria
Additional cleaning stage at sinter plant: ThyssenKrupp Steel, Germany
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Dedusting and Heat Recovery – As Required on Site?

Striking new paths in recovering the heat generated by hot metal and steel production, Küttner collects diffuse emissions very economically. You, too, may want to achieve this by systematic process optimization further resulting in overall cost reduction.

Let´s start detailed investigations into the amounts of heat required and wasted on your very site – be sure to disclose very profitable ways of heat recovery. Küttner will find the right solution for you. Based on realistic flow simulations, we optimize oversized collection hoods, preventing you from unnecessary and costly filtering of vast quantities of clean air.

Heat recovery as required and appropriately dimensioned dedusting systems throughout the entire works can lead to substantial savings. Don´t just choose any technology – ask our dedusting specialists for your perfect solution!

Energy Management

  • Open/Closed Cycle Recooling Plants for Blast-Furnace Cooling Circuits
  • Preheating of Fuels for Hot Blast Stoves
  • Mass Heat Accumulators for Secondary Dust Removal in BOF-Shops


  • Purification of Process Gases in Sintering Plants 
  • Secondary Dust Removal in Material Handling
  • Dedusting of Blast-Furnace Casting-Bays
  • Secondary Dust Removal for BOF-Shops


Dedusting Systems for Blast Furnaces and Steel Works