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Charge Make‐up and Burdening: Is Your Foundry On the Move?

Smooth material flow is of crucial importance in any foundry. Fully relying on Küttner as the proven expert in this special field, our customers contact us with their most complicated issues. Our comprehensive expertise and experience gained over decades allows us to choose and to adapt best practice components to match every individual application This is also supported by our increased awareness for design layout. Fully automatic systems for burdening and charge make‐up are available to mix metal components and additives.

We also construct fully automatic – unmanned – charge make‐up systems based on Küttner´s in-house development iIM (industrial Information Management). This Level II automation system, bridges the production shop and quality department with continuously transferring reliable operational data for further optimization. It includes:

  • crane control based on laser‐beam operated distance measurement,
  • inventory & material management as well as composition of alloys,
  • calculation of additives and corrections,
  • cost tracking,
  • integrated statistical evaluation and a recording system supporting quality assessment.

As a test: Just ask our Foundry‐Team how we deal with difficult‐to‐handle scrap mixes in narrow environment!


Directory of Services & Techniques

Induction Furnaces

  • Dosing Units for Precise Metering of Alloying Elements
  • Fully-Automatic Charging Cranes
  • Charging Vehicles for Induction Furnaces


  • Charging Cranes
  • Charging Runners
  • Silo Installations to Meter Coke and Additives
  • Weighing Hoppers
  • Bucket Transportation


Foundry Technology