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Automotive Castings:
Eisenwerke Bruehl, Germany
Fritz Winter, Germany
Georg Fischer, Germany
Lincoln, Great Britain

Pipe Shops:
Halberg Guss, Germany
Funditubo,  Spain

Sewage Castings: 
Lecomte, Belgium 
Heinrich Meier, Germany
Dueker, Germany

plus another 200 foundries worldwide

Cupolas by Küttner – Backed by Experience and In‐Depth Knowledge

Worldwide, Küttner‐Group has, to date, implemented more than 450 cupolas in various designs, with melting capacities of up to 100 t/h. Our linecard also includes cupolas for long‐term operation.

Considering every customer request, we find the best practice solution matching your facts and figures in combining performance parameters and project specific demands.

Existing shops can either be modernized or rebuilt, in any case meeting present emission limits. Our foundry process control system will soon pay by increasing yield.

During project planning we compare the pros and cons of different alternatives, so as to identify the optimum answer to your question. Our technology copes with low melting costs based on:

  • continuous and energetically optimized counter‐flow melting with tapping temperatures of up to 1.520 °C
  • high metallurgical flexibility (recarburization, alloying, use of inexpensive scrap),
  • efficient energy balance due to heat recovery, e.g., for blast heating to temperatures of up to 750 °C, for heating buildings or external processes.

Let our Cupola Technology Team support you in solving your problems – or much better – in avoiding them.

Cupola Construction

  • Cold-Blast Cupolas
  • Hot-Blast Cupolas for Long-Term Operation
  • Designs with Liningless and Lined Shafts
  • Siphon Runners (Atmospheric or High-Pressure Operated)
  • Shuttle Furnaces

Treatment of Iron and Slag

  • Desulphurization of Liquid Iron
  • Slag Granulation (Wet/Dry)

Gas Management

  • Dry/Wet Gas Management
  • Generation of Hot Blast
  • Heat Recovery
  • Dedusting Systems


Cupola Melting Plant Technology