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Automatic  Decoring,
Cooling, Shot Blasting and Sorting of Castings:
Buderus,  Germany
Bosch Rexroth, Germany
Fagor, Spain
LFP, Poland

Overhead Cooling Conveyor:
Olsberger Hütte,  Germany

Proferro, Belgium

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Automatic molding machines for the production of serial casting

Through the participation in Savelli Technologies, Küttner also offers now automatic molding machines for green sand according to Impress Molding technology.

With the Impress molding technology, molds with excellent form properties can be produced.

  • Ideal mold strength,
  • With higher mold hardness on the model side;
  • Excellent gas permeability;
  •  Perfect illustration of all model details;
  •  Post processing is hardly necessary;
  •  Low noise production;
  • Energy saving

Compared to conventional processes 20-30%.

After shake out of the molds, the material streams separate again: the castings are processed into finished castings and the used sand is reconditioned to molding sand.

We will show you the way to the best handling along the complete process chain and recommend the right plant concepts:

  •  for the casting handling beginning with the shake out, casting cooling, blasting, transport, selection and post-treatment up to packaging;
  •  for used sand from the separation of casting and sand, through transport and conditioning, to the preparation.

Through its participation in Savelli Technologies and Küttner Schwingtechnik, KÜTTNER is now able to offer all machines required in this sector from its own design and production.

Ask our team of casting technology for solutions for your task. Trust the experience of our engineers.



Molds with

Impress molding technology by


Impress molding process


Vibrating equipment

Küttner Schwingtechnik

  • shake out units, frequency controlled
  • shake out tubes, vibrating
  •  Soundproof enclosures
  • Hooking systems for selective shake out
  •  Hot-goods conveyors
  •  Casting coolers in the form of vibratory conveyors or lifting conveyors
  • breaking and sorting conveyors
  • exhaust air systems


Foundry Technology for serial production of green sand castings