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Large Shake-Out Grids (Bearing Loads of up to 100 t) with mechanical Sand Reclamation:

Flender Guss, Germany
Gußwerk Waltenhofen, Germany
Anselmi,  Italy

Just Knocked Out? Then it´s Time for a Change!

Knocking out large castings is an extremely noisy and dusty affair, thereby accumulating huge amounts of used sand, chills and core crabs, as well as ceramics – all of these pending for being reconditioned to properly reclaimed sand.

Why not assign this challenging job to Küttner?

Rest assured that our experts always set value on the careful and gentle handling of castings, no matter which type of decoring you prefer. Have a more detailed look at our range of products:

  • Knock-out station for large molding boxes of up to 100 t load,
  • Sand lump breakers and devices for Fe-separation,
  • Airlift for vertical transport of hot sand with temperatures of up to 600°C,
  • Inspection, fine screening and cooling as well as
  • Dedusting (for rooms, halls, and process segments).

In offering all this, you will definitely benefit from added value included:

  • Our comprehensive experience and expertise,
  • Diligent planning and
  • Perfect implementation.

Do you tinker with the idea of modernizing your facility, or of boosting performance of your existing equipment? Do you want to plan a new shop? Then it´s high time to contact our Foundry Team – it´s worthwhile!



  • Shake-Out Grids,  Knock-Out Grids
  • Complete Shake-Out/Knock-Out Stations
  • Complete Sand Reclamation Systems for Cold-Setting Resin  Binders and Single Components


Foundry Technolog for production of large castings in no-bake sand