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More than 300 Sand Coolers Worldwide

Sand Preparation:
Busch,  Germany
Flender,  Germany
Mahle, Brasil
WEG,  Brasil   etc.

Reclamation Lines:
Düker, Germany
HDM,  Germany

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In good shape with Küttner and Savelli TECH

The process of sand treatment is decisive for the quality of the mold. In every technological step - whether during conditioning, the bunkering of used sand or sand preparation - it is important to achieve the optimum process parameters as well as to keep them stable and reproducible. A task that requires a high degree of experience and good technology.

Küttner knows the different philosophies and has adapted the products to the specific foundry applications.

For the preparation of bentonite-bound molding sands, we preferably offer turnkey solutions: from the used sand conveyor in the basement to the sand hopper of the molding plant including quality control of the molding sand. As an used sand cooler, we use fluidized-bed and continuous-flow mixers of our own design as well as vortex or speed-mullers.

Used sand is reclaimed and replaces new sand in the preparation plant and also is used for core shooting. Küttner offers specially developed thermal-mechanical sand reclamation for such tasks. A convincing alternative to reduce amounts of debris sand!

Ask our foundry team about the quality of this regenerate - you will be amazed!


• Fluidized bed cooler / continuous mixer cooler for bentonite sand

• vortex mixer

• Preparation plants for bentonite-bonded sand

• Thermal-mechanical reclamation systems


Foundry Technology - sand reclamation