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Planning on Something Big? Let Küttner Move You Closer to Your Objective!

Large or repetition casting, whatever you´re planning on: facing global competition, for certain, calls for being well prepared. Make sure to consider:

  • rising costs for energy and personnel,
  • more stringent quality audits,
  • tightened environmental standards.

Let´s turn to long‐term thinking and let´s discuss parameters benefiting profitability – open and above board. Looking ahead essentially requires more than today´s standards. Against this background, Küttner shoulder-to-shoulder escorts you even if you want an uncommon process to be implemented, modernized, upgraded, or optimized.

The very first contact with our Foundry Team will show our effectiveness in planning complex projects.  Ask for further options guaranteeing the success of your venture. Rely on our best efforts – it will pay off!

Directory of Services & Techniques

  • Evaluation and Optimization of Operating and Investment Costs
  • Design Studies
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Basic Engineering


Foundry Technology