Non Ferrous

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Shaft furnace:
MKM,  Germany

In-Bath Smeltig Furnaces, Drum-Type Rotary Furnaces:
Aurubis,  Germany

In-Bath Smelting Furnaces & Converter Shops:
Union Minière, Belgium

Injection of Zn-Bearing Dusts into Lead Shaft Furnaces:
MHD, Germany

The Holistic Approach – Joining Küttner

Küttner Non Ferrous offers holistic solutions for melting aggregates to be used in non‐ferrous (NF) industry. Our service includes project planning, design, and engineering as well as implementation – all in one stop!

We primarily focus on the extraction of copper, aluminum, lead, and zinc, but also recycle high value metals. Our processes help to economically close material cycles even in the field of NF-metals, upgrade and refine assumed wastes, byproducts, and “end‐of‐life” products!

Holistic solutions by Küttner cover melting furnaces, transport and preparation facilities, and systems for heat recovery and exhaust‐gas cleaning – all rounded off by integrated automation.

Our technologies are being applied to many large plants across NF‐industry.

Don´t hesitate to ask our experts how to recycle metals from lead storage batteries, electronic wastes, cable cut‐offs, and electric motors. Or better: ask for the demonstration of applications!

Smelting  Furnaces & Auxiliaries:

  • Shaft Furnaces
  • Drum-Type Rotary Furnaces
  • In-Bath Smelting Furnaces
  • Tilting Furnaces
  • Reverberatory Furnaces
  • Converter Furnaces


Copper  Process Technologie

Aluminium Remelting and Refining

High Temperature Processes