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There´s Always Room for Improvement – Let´s Start Tackling It!

Comprehensive knowledge and detailed understanding of complex operation and process sequences is indispensable to optimize process parameters in existing lines of NF‐industry.

Following our philosophy, we first use to become acquainted with implemented processes, then detect bottlenecks and soft spots which will finally be optimized. Such measures often aim at increasing production, decreasing consumption of operating materials, and reducing emissions.

At this point, you feel alluded to optimized refining systems for drum‐type rotary and tilting furnaces? Küttner offers strong solutions for both production units. Technologies, e.g. post‐combustion chambers, especially for metallurgical processes are also available together with associated oxygen burners and preheating systems for air and fuel gas.

Don´t delay in calling us – if you run an uncommon or complex process – the Küttner Non‐Ferrous Team is happy to accept these challenges!


Directory of Services & Techniques

  • Monitoring and Optimization of Operation
  • Engineering with Model Calculations and Feasibility Studies
  • Stirring and Degassing Systems
  • Refining Systems
  • Post-Combustion Chambers
  • Cooling Elements
  • Modernization of Charging and Maintenance Doors
  • Exhaust-Gas Hoods


Copper Process Technologie

Aluminium Remelting and Refining

High Temperature Processes