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> 30 Ecostat for BF Hot-Blast Stoves:
e.g., BF4 CSC, Taiwan

100 Eco Flow Installations Employing Thermo-Oil:
e.g., for Pilkington Glas

Heat Recovery Boilers for Steam:
e.g., for VEBA, Muenchsmuenster

Power Generation from Waste Heat:
OMV, Austria

BF8 ThyssenKrupp Steel,  Germany

Displace Heat to wherever it´s Useful!

Safe utilization of huge amounts of waste heat from energy‐intensive processes is one focus of Küttner Energy GmbH.

Ecostat heat exchanger represents the core of our systems. It is based on heat pipes allowing for the indirect exchange of the heat incorporated in two bypassing media. Accordingly, it is possible to make use of the endmost energy content of waste heat, e.g., to preheat combustion gases, fresh air, etc.

Ecoflow represents our solution for economic use of recovered energy. This heat displacement and distribution system supports you in furnishing your demand even over long distance.

Heat accumulators for stationary industrial processes serve for decreasing off‐gas temperatures to filter entry levels.

Many smelting furnaces are characterized by high process temperatures, making water-cooling of components a necessity.  Küttner excels in the construction of total recooling facilities for high‐capacity blast furnaces.

Where do you want your waste heat to be used? Tell our experts – they are ready to put your ideas into practice!

Directory of Services & Techniques

  • Heat Pipe / EcoStat
  • Heat Exchangers Air/Air
  • EcoFlow
  • Heat Displacement Systems with Thermo-Oil, Water
  • Heat Recovery
  • Waste Heat Boilers Employing Steam, Thermo-Oil and Water, with/without Power Generation
  • Heat Accumulators
  • Recooling Equipment, Dry/Wet


Heat Recovery from Industrial Processes