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60 Installations to Preheat Blast on Cupolas and Shaft Furnaces

30 Installations on Rock Wool Furnaces

60 Installations Combining Thermo-Oil and Steam for the Recovery of Heat from Timber Industry

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Using Your Heat to the Utmost

In cases of recuperative heat recovery from foundry cupolas our cupola technology teams uses the best available Würz technology.  Together our experts fit the application to the specific operational requirements. A must in any of these regards, should  you want to stop wasting waste heat! A must in any of these regards, should you want to stop wasting waste heat!

Running lines efficiently means reusing waste heat for a couple of purposes:

  • Blast preheating
  • Drying of cores and painted castings
  • Heating of other processes and buildings.

Respective facilities for post combustion, blast preheating and further heat utilization are also available for rock‐wool and other furnaces. Timber industry is also well‐known for generating huge amounts of waste heat during flake board production. This energy potential can be made available for many applications by recovery treatment in thermo‐oil boilers.

Würz cooperates with both, the technical expert teams of Küttner‐ Group as well as with other line manufacturers and plant operators – depending on the respective field of application.

Recuperative heat technology is our main focus. Should you be interested to learn more, just contact us. We have much going for us! 


  • Combustion Chambers
  • Recuperators
  • Thermo-Oil Boilers
  • Heat Exchangers


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