Küttner Energy & Environment GmbH
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Pilot Plant,  University of Siegen/Germany

Adopt Environmental Stewardship as Your Own!

Availability of fossil fuels is limited, furthermore, making use of these is intrinsically tied with the emission of CO2. Stewardship of available resources and keeping carbon footprints low are today´s biggest challenges for our way to creating a sustainable future. Küttner Group is wedded to this paradigm.

For a couple of years, we have been cooperating with the Department of Energy and Environmental Process Engineering of Siegen University (Professor Krumm). Subject of investigation is the substitution of fossil energy. One first result is the so-called IPV process, i.e. integrated pyrolysis and gasification. This two‐step process combining pyrolysis and gasification allows the generation of a hydrogen‐rich synthetic gas ready‐to‐be‐used for combustion. Thus it becomes possible to produce synthetic gas from residuals and wastes as well as from biomass.

Experimental set‐ups on laboratory scale are available at the department.

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