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Push Floors/ Rotting of Domestic Wastes:
MBA, Germany

Mechanical Recycling of Domestic Wastes:
EVG, Germany

Waste or Resource? – that is the Question

In recent times increasing environmental awareness and sustainable use of resources have introduced a paradigm change in society. At Küttner we know the worth of recyclables and offer a range of equipment and processes to properly extract value from secondary raw materials which would otherwise be rejected or regarded as waste. Our processes are subdivided into mechanical, organic/biological and thermal waste recovery.

Starting with mechanical waste separation in cooperation with our partner Sutco Recycling Technik, Küttner offers client‐orientated solutions including turnkey plants for the processing of household waste, MBT organic fractions as well as source segregated biowaste and foodwaste.

All recycled resources, such as plastics, organic products, paper and board, etc. are then available as secondary raw materials for re‐use in further production processes.

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  • Automatic Crane Systems
  • Conveyors
  • Ladder Conveyors
  • Push Floors
  • Screening and Mixing
  • Separation of Fe and NF
  • Wind Sifter
  • Optical Separation
  • Crushing and Grinding Systems


Valuable Materials